Book Signing-Mackenzie Finklea

Starts in 10 Days, 10 Hours

April 18, 2020 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm

Spindletop-Gladys City Boomtown

5550 Jimmy Simmons Blvd

Author Bio:
Mackenzie Finklea is an American Anthropologist and life-long museum enthusiast. She is a young professional who studied at the University of Texas at Austin earning a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology, a minor in Architecture, and a certificate in Museum Studies. In April of 2019, she was invited to speak at the TEDx conference at UT Austin about her research on Internet Memes and cyberculture. She has a long history of previous leadership roles and a vibrant fascination with displays of human culture.
Mackenzie is borderline obsessed with two things in life: museums, and her tabby cat, Owen. She was compelled to write her book, Beyond the Halls: An Insider’s Guide to Loving Museums as a way to share her passion for museums in a practical and fun approach so that everyone can have the opportunity to cherish and admire museums as much as she does.

Book Description:
Beyond the Halls is a book that speaks to museum lovers (and haters) who are looking to discover, for the first time, the history of museums and the dynamic nature of the industry.
The past, present and future of human culture can be found inside glass, on walls or tucked away in a climate-controlled environment. But what attracts society to collect fine art, pottery, and other ancient artifacts? Why do museums exist? In Beyond the Halls: An Insider’s Guide to Loving Museums you’ll find a brief history of museums while exploring the present nature of these institutions and thought-provoking ways to interact with them.

Stigma surrounds museums claiming they are boring, dusty, and stagnant, but within these pages, you’ll find thoughtful insights, heart-warming stories, and even games you can play with friends. Explore the many ways that you can appreciate displays and gain more memorable, exciting experiences inside museums.

“In Beyond the Halls, Mackenzie Finklea goes behind the scenes of the museum world. Let her take you by the hand and wander through this book as you would through a museum. You will end up seeing museums in a new light. You might even mutter “I did not know that.” Museum people love to hear that. Two opposable thumbs up for this book.”
– Dirk Van Tuerenhout, PhD, Curator of Anthropology at the Houston Museum of Natural Science

“After reading Mackenzie’s book, you better take it with you when you visit your next museum and every museum after. She cleverly and passionately brings out her excitement for these historic monuments that we should all cherish and learn to cherish more.“ – Lilian Li, Author of House of Koi

“Mackenzie provides some practical and useful insights that will change the way you think about and experience museums. This is your essential guide for your next visit to the museum.” – Ron Cohen, Author of Working with Robots: the Workforce of the Future.

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