Asleep at the Wheel @ the Lutcher Theater

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October 16, 2021

7:30 pm


Lutcher Theater for the Performing Arts

707 Main Ave

With 10 Grammy® Awards, a Lifetime Achievement Award by the American Music Association, 31 albums & over 20 singles on the country charts, Asleep at the Wheel has sustained a thriving career and entertained fans for more than 5 decades! It’s no wonder Billboard commented on the band’s catalog most succinctly: “Everything this act has ever released is simply spectacular.”

The number of individual artists and bands who have sustained a thriving career for a half century is infinitesimally small. Against all odds, Asleep At the Wheel is one of these. The stars aligned in 1970 when three friends Ray Benson, Lucky Oceans and Leroy Preston moved to Paw Paw, West Virginia (it’s not a made-up place, you can look it up). The three friends began to find others who would join them in their mission to play old style Roots/Americana music. This was long before the genre/movement even had a name. Lucky lived up to his name and suggested the band be called Asleep at the Wheel and so it was to be for the next 50 years.

Most recently, Asleep at the Wheel has been invigorated by a fresh new lineup and the release of New Routes, their latest album that is a bracing blend of original songs and vibrant cover material along with some unanticipated new musical tangents. Asleep At the Wheel have demonstrated convincingly, that they are more relevant, enjoyable and musically nimble than at any time in its 50-year history. Ray Benson has been the one constant in Asleep At the Wheel since 1970.

“I’ve been told that I’m relentless, so I guess I am…I’m just doing what I believe I’m meant to do — I’m singing and playing and writing better than I ever have. My role and concept of leading a band has never changed, It’s gathering the best musicians I can find or convince to play to the best of their ability, and I just try and make the best decisions possible and kick some ass every night onstage. I’ve made it this far and don’t feel like I or the band will be slowing down anytime soon.” -Ray Benson

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