African American Quilters of the Gulf Coast Exhibit

EVENT: African American Quilters of the Gulf Coast

WHERE: The Museum of the Gulf Coast, 700 Procter Street, Port Arthur, TX

WHEN: Immediate Release: Opening night, Saturday October 1, 2022 from 6-8pm.

DURATION: October 1 through December 3, 2022

Contact: Rhonda Masters – Co-Founder, National African American Quilt Guild, 512-689-5574,

Contact: Robert Fong, Curator – Museum of the Gulf Coast, 409-656-2078,


The exhibit, African American Quilters of the Gulf Coast, will be on display in the Dunn Gallery at the Museum of the Gulf Coast from October 1 through December 3. African American Quilters from Texas, Louisiana and Florida will display their extraordinary artistry in an exhibit presented for the first time by the museum in conjunction with the National African American Quilt Guild. Over 20 quilts will be on display. Opening Night is October 1, 2022, from 6-8 pm, with many of the quilt artists in attendance. Wine, cheese, and other refreshments will be served, and the event is open to the public.


NAAQG co-founder Rhonda Masters has been making quilts for ten years. “It is such an honor to work with the Museum of the Gulf Coast to make this exhibit a reality. Our quilters are thrilled to be able to share their work with the wonderful, diverse audience of museum members and visitors here in Southeast Texas.”


Beaumont native Georgia Williams lives in Houston and has three pieces in the show. “I have quilts on display in Ohio and Florida, but I’ve not had a chance to show locally. I am excited to be in this exhibit so my friends and family in the Golden Triangle will be able to see my work.”


“The craftsmanship and artistry displayed in this exhibit are amazing. All of the quilts are very beautiful, and we have so many artistic styles: African, avant-garde, political, and traditional themes are all represented,” said Robert Fong, museum curator.


The National African American Quilt Guild (NAAQG) was founded in October 2021 by quilting colleagues Rhonda Masters, Laura Casmore, and Sharon Mooney of Texas. The mission of NAAQG is to promote and uplift the history and legacy of African American quilters and quilting. The group encourages creativity, promotes and facilitates education in the art of quilting, and celebrates the heritage of African American quilting while serving the community at large. The group’s motto is “Celebration, Education, and Service!.” The group today has members from 22 states and continues to grow steadily and expand its goal of providing cultural engagement opportunities for African American quilting with museums, galleries, quilt organizations, and other groups across the nation. Two of the founding members are from Port Arthur and will have quilts on display.



(We plan on having the exhibit mounted by September 15th. Please call Robert Fong at the Museum of the Gulf Coast if you would like to come by and take any photos. With advance notice we can have Rhonda Masters here as well to answer any questions, and for photos, 409-999-6283)


Happy People Photo Caption – Rhonda Masters (right) and Georgia Williams (left) hold up William’s original creation entitled Happy People.


Laura M. Casmore, a native of Port Arthur, TX, has been quilting for over 20 years. As a quilt artist, she has exhibited in various quilt shows locally and across the country. Utilizing primarily African fabric designs (along with Black and White fabrics), her works display her love of faith and culture.


Rhonda Masters, also a Port Arthuran, has had a lifelong interest in sewing and quilting. Her paternal grandmother and aunts quilted, and her mother sewed. Rhonda enjoys creating original designs using African fabrics. She also enjoys traditional fabrics and employs all techniques in her quilting. She has been quilting for over ten years.


Sharon Mooney is the co-curator of the “Access Delayed: African American Suffragist’ Courageous Influence on the 19th Amendment” Suffragette exhibit, which premiered at the International Quilt Festival in Houston, Texas in 2021. As the exhibit’s co-curator, Sharon worked with the group of talented quilt artists to realize the vision to honor the role of African American suffragettes in the passage of the 19th Amendment. She was also the exhibit coordinator for the NAAQG Inaugural Exhibit: “A Celebration of African American Quilts and Fiber Arts”.

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