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John Manfredi shares his love for theater and the interesting work he’s done along the way, the McFaddin-Ward House showcases the eclectic and “modern” tastes of its namesakes, and we remind everyone what a SETAC is.

Welcome to Southeast Texas!

We welcome travelers to Southeast Texas, where winters are mild and summers subtropical. Whether you are looking for adventure, entertainment, or cultural enlightenment, we boast an ideal location. Uniquely situated between Houston and New Orleans, we offer a taste of big city talent without the traffic and long lines, and a combination of ethnic flavors with our Cajun, Creole, African, Hispanic, Asian, and European ancestry.

Beaumont has been working hard to develop a magnificent downtown hub with much to offer those with entertainment in mind. It hosts six museums, two historic theaters, a civic center, event center, a newly restored historical library, five parks, bike lanes, and fabulous architecture. It was recently designated an official cultural district by Texas Commission on the Arts. We highly recommend you visit the DOWNTOWN BEAUMONT Cultural Arts District. The new Event Center boasts 16,000 square feet of seating space and hosts a convivial assortment of galas and productions, and the downtown’s pedestrian walkways allow visitors to stroll easily to nearby parks, museums, and live performances.

Port Arthur, home of many acclaimed artists of every medium, has a unique history all its own. Visit the Museum of the Gulf Coast on Procter Street for an opportunity to view the history of man from beginning to present day. Enjoy exhibits on music, culture, and more at this diverse museum. Port Arthur has also lately begun hosting the Cajun Heritage Fest, a foot-stompin’ jamboree of Cajun and Creole culture.

Orange too, has much to be proud of. Home of the Stark Museum of Art, the historic Stark House Museum, and the Lutcher Theater, where shows from across the world come to perform, this small town will charm the most sophisticated visitor.

We are the center of information for arts and cultural events in Southeast Texas. To find out what’s up, anytime and anywhere, visit us at, find us on Facebook at, or follow us on Twitter @SETACTweets.

Sue Bard
Executive Director, SETAC

A boy with big dreams of big stages and how he made it work. John Manfredi talks theater. Read more>

Historic houses aren’t genrally considered museums of technology, but the McFaddin’s eclectic love of gadetry makes the McFaddin-Ward House a half century timeline of domestic development. Read more>

The Southeast Texas Arts Council is a title that’s a bit wordy, a bit specific, and – if  confused telephone callers are any clue – a bit vague. What is it we do? Find out here! Read more>

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SETAC Board of Directors

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Dexter Broussard – Treasurer
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Christle Feagin
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Ami Kamara
Sandra Laurette
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Richard “Eddie” Vanderwalker

Greg Busceme
David Cargill
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Sharae Bassett Reed
Gloria Roy


Executive Director
Sue Bard
Creative Director
Blake Bertrand


Fall – Winter 2022 • Vol. 4, No. 04

Southeast Texas Arts Council

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