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Brewers bring business back to budget busted burgs. Port Arthur alumnus aims to augment empty walls with abstract artwork. Depression era dedicatory acknowledges debt to defense force, maintains display.

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Changes to antiquated legal arrangements are brewing prosperity for both cities and citizens. Read more >

A Port Arthur native with an eye toward the international hasn’t forgotten his hometown. Michael Savoie’s unique art will be displayed in the historic First National Bank building this year. Read more >

Though the world seemed to be falling apart around them, in 1931 the citizens of Beaumont, Texas pooled their funds to build a monument to their sons and daughters who served. Read more >

Browse the season announcements at our major art venues and organizations to plan your next night out! Check schedule >

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Board of Directors
Barri Hoffman – President
Penny LeLeux – VP Orange
Micah Leigh – VP Port Arthur
Sandra Laurette – VP Beaumont
Pam Trosclair – Secretary
Dexter Broussard – Treasurer

At Large
Maurice Abelman
Zach Bowman
Michelle Cate
Amy Elizabeth
Albert Faggard
Debbie Hammond Pletcher
Richard “Eddie” Vanderwalker
Reggie Rogers
Greg Busceme
Gloria Roy
Michael Meazell
Steve Hoffman
Bridget Johnson
Carolyn Thibodeaux


David Cargill
Sharae Bassett Reed


Executive Director
Sue Bard
Creative Director
Blake Bertrand


Fall – Winter 2021 • Vol. 4, No. 02

Southeast Texas Arts Council

ISBN 1-886130-31-0
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