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Non Atomic
September 28- October 26, 2017
Opening reception: September 28, 6-9pm

Holly Veselka
Linne Urbye
Julianne Swartz
Erin Shirreff
Margaux Ogden
Katrina Moorhead
Jenny Monick
Suzanne McClelland
Thomas Kovachevich
Rosy Keyser
Pam Glick
Sarah French
Dana Frankfort
Nicole Cherubini
Sarah Braman
Suzanne Boconegra
Juana Berrio
Teresa Baker

Organized by Dana Frankfort (Houston, TX) and Jenny Monick (Brooklyn, NY), Non Atomic is a collection of artist’s responses to the image, and notes on the image, above, borrowed from Ajit Mookerjee’s 1975 book Yoga Art. Chosen for its suggestion that open and continuous motion (vibration-potential) is inherent in form (points of force), participants were given similarly open ends, to interpret the concept of Non Atomic intuitively, personally, quickly or slowly, and to respond with something – their own artwork, someone else’s, a text, a sound, a cereal box, something found, unresolved, something that might not see the light of day in a more ‘formal’ context. Something still becoming…or loosening itself from what it has become. The only constriction really was that whatever it is be able to travel to Beaumont, TX, fairly easily, but this kind of seems in the spirit of the thing, too. The project is accompanied by a newsprint poster, which came out of an additional request for quickly picked images that might somehow embellish the concept.

Hopefully the satellite suggestions of Non Atomic are not lost on anyone, and that the approach to organizing this show is in keeping with a spirit of improvisation and possibility, qualities and practices that are urgent and useful well beyond their applications here.

“Just as the fragile equilibrium of the atom must undergo fission so as to accelerate and release its potential energy, so art begins with disturbance in order to seek higher equilibrium.” Ajit Mookerjee Yoga Art 1975

215 Orleans is a project space in Beaumont, TX born out of the desire for a more diverse conversation between artists in Southeast Texas and elsewhere.

Plate 28 (Image)
The evolution of the nucleus of the universe in to the space-time continuum. This abstract diagram indicates that all the laya (absorption) points of the individual polarity are incessantly in motion. Only by motion can they endure as points of force, generating basic rhythms that sustain the appearance of form. The concept of space in yogic theory deserves special consideration. It functions in two aspects: (1) non-material (non-atomic) and (2) material (atomic). Atomic space derives from non-atomic space, since it is charged with the vibration potential inherent in non-atomic space. Atomic space acts as the universal medium, identified with akasa (aether).

Uttar Pradesh, c. 17th century .
Gouache on paper.

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